Wabi Jewelry Defined

Here are a few terms that will make it a little easier for you to find your way around my store.



Brilliant finish is super shiny and gives the metal surfaces a highly reflective and mirror-like finish.


Satin finish is a non-reflective, soft, lustrous finish achieved without the use of chemicals.


Ancient Bronze

Warm deep chestnut color with rich red undertones, Ancient Bronze is an alloy of 90% copper and 10% tin.




Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal alloys that increase strength and durability.

White Bronze

White Bronze is an alloy composed mainly of copper and tin with additional base metals. Similar in color to Sterling Silver it transforms to a bright copper patina when heated.


Yellow Bronze

Tawny amber with light green undertone, Yellow Bronze is an alloy predominately copper with additional base metals.

Latin Wabi Translations


Dimidius Bud: half  bud

Solus Pod: lonely pod  

Spina Bud: back bud

Mini Stilla: mini drop

Stilla: drop

Unus Gutta Pod: one drop pod  

Unus Vertex Pod: one summit pod 

Duo Gutta Pod: two drop pod




Dimidius: (adj.) half, through the middle

Solus:– (adj.) only, alone, lone, lonely

Spina: (n.) back, spine, backbone

Stilla: (n.) a drop (of liquid), drop, bit, dab, blob

Stilla: (n.) a drop (of liquid), drop, bit, dab, blob

Gutta: (n) drop, tear, spot, speck *Unus -one

Vertex: (n) peak, summit, top, vertex *Unus -one

Gutta: (n) drop, tear, spot, speck *Duo -two



Tres Pod: three pod    

Tres Gutta Pod: three drop pod 

Quinque Pod:  five pod  

Multus Gutta:  many drop   

Matrix: womb    

Solus Pod: lonely pod  

Magus Seed: magic seed

Unicus Pod: single pod

Terra Bud w/Unus Pod: terra bud w/one pod 

Unus Gutta Pod: one drop pod 


Tres: three

Tres: three *Gutta (n) drop, tear, spot, speck 

Quinque: five

Multus: (adj.) many *Gutta-drop, tear, spot, speck

Matrix: matrix, womb, stem

Solus: (adj.) only, alone, lone, lonely  

Magus: (adj.) magic, magical

Unicus: (adj.) only, unique, singular, single

Unus: one

Unus: one


Curva Pod: curved pod   

Mini Stilla Studs: mini drop studs   

Ales Maya Bud: winged maya bud 

Mini Ales: mini winged    

Ales Stilla: winged drop 

Tres Pod: three pod 

Directus Pod: straight pod 

Concinnus Pod: elegant pod

Solus Pod Studs: lonely pod studs


Curva: (adj.) curved

Stilla: (n.) a drop (of liquid), drop, bit, dab, blob

Ales: (adj.) winged

Ales: (adj.) winged *Stilla (n.) drop (of liquid)

Tres: three

Directus: (adj.) straight, direct, perpendicular

Concinnus: (adj.) neat, elegant, shapely

Solus: (adj.) only, alone, lone, lonely

Parvus: (adj.) small, little, slight, short, tiny