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In 1994 I left the hustle and bustle of the East Coast and traveled cross country on a Greyhound bus with $60 in my pocket.

After dabbling with jewelry making for a couple of years, I was determined to make it it my livelihood. I landed in Eugene, Oregon and was selling at their outdoor market two days later. There I met, fell in love with, and married my husband Berton. Five years later our son Warner was born, completing our family.

We live and work out of our home studio (a convenient 10 steps out the back door) in the lovely little city town of Portland, Oregon. We have been selling our jewelry and blown glass amongst a community of creatives for over 18 years at the Portland Saturday Market.

The perfection through spontaneous imperfection in nature has always been one of my biggest influences; the fluidity of water, the plethora of textures, and the array of nature’s colors.

As a child I was often found with pockets full of treasures I had gathered from my days’ adventures (much to my mother and her washing machine’s chagrin).

Daily walks with Argus, our fabulous German Shepherd, nurture my hunter-gatherer instincts. Currently I am smitten with seed pods, buds and the transformation of organic materials into metal. The cast pieces have a glorious texture and uniqueness of beauty that is only found in nature.

I am thrilled and grateful to my wonderful customers, near and far, that allow me to make a living doing what I love.

~ Christy

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